Our Mission


To redefine your expectations of how real pizza should be and how it should be delivered. To do this we have set ourselves the challenge of delivering stone baked artisan pizza to your door, crafted using some of the finest ingredients, whilst also providing you with a game changing experience that you feel great about! 



Good food is both delicious and healthy

That's why we use natural and real ingredients to ensure you enjoy a happy balance.


No Chemical Engineering degree needed

to understand what's in our food and drink. We do our very best to ensure it's proper stuff, with no hidden nasties.


Good Pizza. Good life!


We keep it simple…source real ingredients and products from environmentally responsible producers and suppliers. Then use the exceptional ingredients to bake and craft a proper pizza for you to enjoy. Finally, we deliver this to you in the most environmentally thoughtful way possible. We believe our customers share our ethos for ‘Good Pizza’ and ‘Good Life'.


Simple no gimmick pricing


No wasting time hunting for mystical offers and discounts. At Birtelli's we've kept it simple - single size pizza for a very tasty single price. Order online and earn free pizza. Simple!



How are we different?


We are meticulous about selecting quality producers and suppliers who fit with our ethos and principles.