'Fromage to Age' Great British Four Cheese Pizza

Our September guest pizza has been carefully crafted and sourced with the help of our friends at Aubrey Allen and executive chef, Paul Foster. The outcome is a Fromage to Age Great British Four Cheese pizza, using a combination of award winning British cheeses from producers who care about great tasting produce and how it is farmed.

First up is the no tomato bianco base (white pizza), a combination of our British produced mozzarella and Quicke's English cheddar matured for 18 months. Originating in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, and dating back to at least 1170, today cheddar is the most emulated British cheese worldwide. The Quicke Family has been farming in South West England for four centuries and the dairy has been operating for twenty five years. Quicke's cheddar is hand made using traditional techniques. The cheese is cloth wrapped in muslin, allowing it to breathe and develop character while also forming the rind that is typical for traditional cheddar. This classic cheese has a tremendous crumbly yet creamy texture and an earthy flavour with a lingering finish.

Next is our British gorgonzola equivalent, Oxford Blue. A full-fat semi-soft Stilton-type blue cheese with a creamy texture and sharp clean flavour. It is moist and creamy with a delightful tang from the blue veining leaving an aromatic and spicy aftertaste in the mouth. Oxford Blue was first produced by the Oxford Cheese Company Ltd in 1994. It was with a view to producing an English blue cheese that could rival Gorgonzola, Dolcelatte, and other semi soft continental blues that ‘Oxford Blue’ was developed by the Oxford Cheese Company at Hartington creamery, a respected Stilton producer. The cheese is now produced and matured at the company’s premises at Worminghall, a few miles outside Oxford, and only 50 miles from Royal Leamington Spa.

For those that may find the Oxford Blue too aromatic and powerful we’ve got a surprise option, enabling you to swap the Oxford Blue for our equally impressive, but more subtle award winning Ticklemore Goats Cheese. Ticklemore is a white rinded, firm-textured goat's cheese with a crumbly centre and a softer paste just below the rind. It is snowy white and delicate with small "eyes". The cheese is pressed flat by hand into a basket mould. It has a very rich and clean flavour, without the overpowering aroma of goat's cheese. The flavours are distinctive of grass and mushrooms, mild yet complex with fresh and milky tones.

Finally, to finish an already impressive pizza, you need Parmesan. But wait, this is a Great British four cheese pizza. There’s only one option…Old Winchester. Also known as “Old Smales”, it is a firm pressed pasteurised cows’ milk cheese with a washed rind and bags of flavour. It is handmade by Mike & Judy Smales on Lyburn farm in Wiltshire, with a crystalline texture which becomes more intense with age. The cheese is matured for about 18 months and is reminiscent of an Aged Gouda with a distinctive nuttiness in flavour. Old Winchester is made with vegetarian rennet and is often used as a vegetarian replacement for Parmesan Reggiano.

Happy eating! 

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