Christmas Pizza

It’s our favourite time of the year and it would not be right if we didn’t celebrate it with a pizza to evoke the tastes and emotions of Christmas. With this in mind we set about finding the finest Great British Turkey and Brie to craft our Christmas guest pizza!

The turkey was easy…award winning Adlington Oak Smoked Turkey! We met Rod Adlington, a local turkey farmer, in the summer when we were exploring options for our smoked chicken. It turned out that Rod was a third-generation farmer from award winning Adlington turkey farm, a stone’s throw away in Balsall Common.

For three generations Adlington have been providing exemplary premium products for the British fine food market. They are specialist in offering outstanding quality turkey and poultry all year around. True devotees of the ‘field to fork’ philosophy, Adlington source food and bedding of the highest quality from local producers, including the neighbouring arable farmer who provides feed oats and the subsequent straw for bedding. This attention to detail enforces their passion and belief of producing the best quality poultry possible.

We then moved onto the Brie. So who better to turn to other than our friends at Aubrey Allen Fromage to Age. With their help we explored several British (and French) options, with a personal favourite being the proudly named Baron Bigod, a handsome Brie from Fen Farm in Suffolk…for a strong full bodied experience this is a must!

After much testing, we were finally led closer to home. Between the foothills of the Cotswold hills and the rich fertile ground of the Vale of Evesham, lies Gorsehill Abbey Farm, where Michael and Diane Stacey have been farming for over 35 years.

The Dairy herd like the rest of the farm is managed to organic standards, and the Montbeliarde and Friesian cows are traditional breeds renowned for the quality of their milk and the flavour which it imparts to the cheese.

This care and attention produces several great tasting cheeses, with St Eadburgha, an organic soft cows milk brie style cheese, being the lucky fellow to compliment our Oak Smoked Turkey.

St Eadburgha has an appealing crinkly white rind and is mild and firm when young, but gradually develops more flavour and a creamier texture as it ages. The flavour when fully matured, is complex and robust yet with a satisfying delicacy. It was this ‘delicacy’ that made it a perfect match for our Christmas pizza.

If there wasn’t enough glamour already we finish the Christmas pizza with some sparkle. You’ll be pleased to discover dollops of luscious Tracklements Cranberry, Orange and Port sauce on your pizza.

Tracklements are a Wiltshire based ‘curious curator of culinary condiments’, who lovingly make award-winning artisan condiments. To achieve the best taste, with the highest quality, they use natural ingredients. They even know the origins of their ingredients, working with British farmers and spice growers from all over the globe.

Finally, we complete the pizza with the nutty texture of walnuts and aroma of fresh rosemary.

Happy Christmas!

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